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Duchess of Padua, The

Wilde, Oscar - Duchess of Padua, The

Another classic converted by

«The Market Place of Padua at noon; in the background is the great Cathedral of Padua; the architecture is Romanesque, and wrought in black and white marbles; a flight of marble steps leads up to the Cathedral door; at the foot of the steps are two large stone lions; the houses on each aide of the stage have coloured awnings from their windows, and are flanked by stone arcades; on the right of the stage is the public fountain, with a triton in green bronze blowing from a conch; around the fountain is a stone seat; the bell of the Cathedral is ringing, and the citizens, men, women and children, are passing into the Cathedral.»

Language: English - 90 pages - Contains an Index
Sorted in Drama

ISBN (ePub): 1-4121-6148-7

Buy the ebook in ePub format

Buy the ebook in ePub format

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