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1. Mobipocket Reader

Mobipocket Reader is available for Windows, Palm Pilot OS, Pocket PC, Symbian Smartphones, and Windows CE. It`s our preferred format and most of our bestsellers are only available in this format.

With Mobipocket Reader you can read not only ebooks (including dictionaries), but synchronise enews channel and view your personal documents.

Among its many features it supports bookmarks, removable cards, index and dictionaries, eNews, image viewing, annotations, Cleartype and MobiTypes fonts, UTF-8 encoding and many others.

Downaload here.

2. Acrobat Reader

Acrobat Reader 7.0 is available for all operating systems including the Macintosh operating System. Unfortunately the files that it generates are huge compared to the other formats. We do not recoomend its use on a PDA or Smartphone. Mobipocket Reader or Microsoft Reader are more suitable on these devices. On a desktop or laptop computer though it shines. We recommend you use it in "full screen mode".

Download here.

3. Microsoft Reader

Available for all Windows Operating Systems, including Pocket PC, desktops, laptops, and most Windows CE devices, Microsot Reader permits the creation of a personal library to organize your ebooks and uses ClearType font to facilitate reading. If you own a Pocket PC odds are that Microsoft Reader is already installed.

Download here.

4. ISilo

iSilo is a highly versatile document reader available for Palm OS®, Pocket PC, and Windows® CE Handheld PC handhelds, as well as for Windows® computers. You can find thousands of ready-made documents downloadable immediately for reading with iSilo™ or you can create your own documents from HTML content using iSiloX.

Download here.

5. HieBook

Hiebook is an ebook reader available from the Korean company Hiebook. Ebooks are read on an hardware ebook reader available from Hiebook.

6. GEB 1150, GEB 1250, Rocket eBook

Just like the Hiebook these formats require an hardware ebook reader. The GEB 1150 replaces the REB 1100 from Recoket Ebook and the GEB 1250 replaces the REB 1200. You can read ebooks, make notes (annotation) and store your ebooks in your personal library. For more information please visit the eBook Technologies, Inc.

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