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Your Self and Mind

Mehta, Shyam - Your Self and Mind

«In this book the author of the 14 book series "The Loving Heart Centre Collection" looks at what the mind is, what it does and what are the generic characteristics of you in the sense of your spirit or self or soul.

The author has a rather different perspective on the mind and the self than is prevalent in the West. He looks at such things as who is in control, memory, dreams, imagination, sleep, sleep disorders, kindness, intelligence, fear and many more topics.

He bases his analyses on logic, on Indian philosophy, and on knowledge gained in his own yoga experiences.

This is not a book containing only academic knowledge. It is intended to be useful to the reader, for the reader to understand what goes wrong, what is going right, how to fix things and how to progress in his or her business of life.

If you wish to make progress in your life, these are the sorts of things about yourself that you need to know.

For example, if you are having problems sleeping, you need to know why this is in order to move to the next step of trying to solve the problem. A sleeping pill may help you sleep, for a period, but it does not help you understand what your sleeping disorder is. You end up thinking that there is no disorder, and therefore nothing to fix. Therefore taking the sleeping pill even on this account only is bad for you. The author goes through, briefly, all the main sleeping disorders and suggests that are up to two main reasons for all of them.

In life the author believes one should fix the fundamental underlying issues, rather than the symptom of lack of sleep or a headache or smoking.

About he author

Shyam has been practising yoga since 1957 and been teaching yoga since 1973.

He had a Christian upbringing, in England. At Cambridge University he became interested in yoga philosophy and Hinduism. Later he gave up his Hindu sacred thread in order to fully devote his life to helping all nice people become happy. He has had a variety of religious experiences in his life and worships God almost every moment of his waking hours. »

Language: English
Sorted in Fantasy

ISBN: 1412152089

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