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Alexander's Bridge

Cather, Willa - Alexander's Bridge

Another classic converted by

«Late one brilliant April afternoon Professor Lucius Wilson stood at the head of Chestnut Street, looking about him with the pleased air of a man of taste who does not very often get to Boston. He had lived there as a student, but for twenty years and more, since he had been Professor of Philosophy in a Western university, he had seldom come East except to take a steamer for some foreign port. Wilson was standing quite still, contemplating with a whimsical smile the slanting street, with its worn paving, its irregular, gravely colored houses, and the row of naked trees on which the thin sunlight was still shining.»

Language: English - 90 pages - Contains an Index
Sorted in Classics - American

ISBN (ePub): 1-4121-8054-6

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