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Old Roman World, The

Lord, John - Old Roman World, The

Another classic converted by

«Early History of Rome – Wars under the Kings – Their Results – Gradual Subjection of Italy – Great Heroes of the Republic – Their Virtues and Victories – Military Aggrandizement – The Carthaginian, Macedonian, and Asiatic Wars – Their Consequences – Civil Wars of Marius and Sulla, of Pompey and Caesar – The Conquests of the Barbarians – Extension of Roman Dominion in the East – Conquests of the Emperors – The Military Forces of the Empire – Military Science – The Roman Legion – The Military Genius of the Romans »

Language: English - 563 pages - Contains an Index
Sorted in History

ISBN (ePub): 1-4121-6640-3

Buy the ebook in ePub format

Buy the ebook in ePub format

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