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Damsel in Distress, A

Wodehouse, P.G. - Damsel in Distress, A

Another classic converted by

«Inasmuch as the scene of this story is that historic pile, Belpher Castle, in the county of Hampshire, it would be an agreeable task to open it with a leisurely description of the place, followed by some notes on the history of the Earls of Marshmoreton, who have owned it since the fifteenth century. Unfortunately, in these days of rush and hurry, a novelist works at a disadvantage. He must leap into the middle of his tale with as little delay as he would employ in boarding a moving tramcar.»

Language: English - 249 pages - Contains an Index
Sorted in Romance

ISBN (ePub): 1-4121-6136-3

Buy the ebook in ePub format

Buy the ebook in ePub format

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