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Eight Sacred Texts of India, The

Mehta, Shyam - Eight Sacred Texts of India, The

«Millions of Hindus all over the world believe in Krishna and Rama. What they do not know is that in about 500 B.C. India was at a time of enormous tragedy. Barbarians had conquered their land. Indians were being butchered left right and centre. Women were being raped.

The Bhagavad Gita was a song of the capturing rulers. Krishna was one of them.

The Ramayana was not Indian but was modified by the Indian priests of the time who served their rulers in order to instill some sense of ethics into the princes and princesses of the foreigners.

Gradually, the priests of India became powerful and were able to hoodwink the rulers with their knowledge of magic and ritual and mysticism as outlined in the Vedas which the rulers were not allowed to hear.

All these ancient "Scriptures" of India, these myths of Shri Krishna and Shri Rama, were needed by the Indians for a specific purpose.

Now, hundreds of years later, this purpose is gone. There is no longer any point in singing a song worshiping barbarians who savaged India. The time has come for Indians to worship God and not to worship foreign heroes. »

Language: English
Sorted in Religion, Spiritual & Occult

ISBN: 1412151627

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Readers Comments:

I am troubled by this book. Mr. Mehta does no produce evidence to support his theory that all the Scriptures of India are simply the works of priests trying to gain power. He shows that they include much nonsense, but this is not proof.
Owner of Indian travel agency business, London

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