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Mehta, Shyam - Yoga

«All over the world, millions of people practice yoga. They believe that it is beneficial for them. In this book, the author argues that for about 90 percent of the population, yoga is detrimental to health.

Traditionally, the peoples of India looked down on yogis, noting easily that they went mad. They stood on one leg for long periods in the Himalayas with their hands stretched up or they walked about the streets aimlessly chanting silly things.

In this book the author explains why traditional thinking was correct and that there are indeed harmful effects as outlined in the Indian textbooks of old. For example, the revered sage Swatmarama refers to yogic breathing techniques as "like taming a lion"; most other ancient philosophers did not accept yoga philosophy. Sage Patanjali, father of Yoga, is known in the Indian scriptures as the divine cobra.

This is the first book, and the author has seen many, that specifically looks at the harmful effects of yoga practice. »

Language: English
Sorted in Health, Medecine & Psychology

ISBN: 1412151619

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